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Terms of payment required please:


1.    New & non-account customers.

2.    Regular credit account customers.


If you are a new customer to us with no previous trading history, then please understand that I will not extend any credit terms past one week for on-going work.

I accept pre-payment for welding work, or payment on completion via credit card or PayPal payments, if this suits you better than paying by cheque or cash, please ask and I will detail how to access my on-line 24hr payment facility. 

Please note that direct BACS transfer is preferred. 

This is not done out of badness or greed, it is simply that I have many years experience of  trading & I have learned things the hard way.

I will always issue an invoice on weekly terms for all new customers.

I will expect payment by return & if no remittance is received within 5 working days of your invoice date then you can expect me to cease work immediately & I will not complete any work already started. I will not warn you of this or send you countless reminders, I will simply not appear for work.

If there is a particular reason that you do not want to pay for any work that I have done then please phone me immediately on 07716 07 99 07 (24hrs) to discuss.

If you pay me on my terms then you can expect me to be on-site every single weekday without fail, or as advised or arranged & at the hours that you expect.

If you pay me on my terms then I guarantee never to let you down by way of taking ‘time out’ to do work for anyone else.

If you pay me on my terms then I will provide you with an expert welding service & ‘throw-in’ my very extensive resources that encompass everything you may expect from a successful welding company, & my resources can dig you out of many big holes when it comes to working on-site.

You are welcome to communicate your payment remittance (or intentions) by text message to 07716 07 99 07 or by email to

Please ask/email me for my current business banking details if you require to pay by bacs transfer.

All invoices raised for ongoing work done on an hourly basis will be shown as having a ‘week ending on xyz’ date, as this is my standard format to save confusion & any on-going chargeable period always ends on a Sunday & starts on a Monday.

Any work that is less than a week in duration will be shown & rated accordingly.

If any worksite provides signing-in or time on-site recording facilities then I will have used them without fail & I will also have my own record of all time spent on-site.

I will already have advised you, as my customer, of my rates of labour or costs of materials & consumables before any work starts. These are not negotiable after the work is done or materials are ordered for delivery to site.

If you require that I take a break from any work started at your work site & resume at a later date to finish the work started, then please advise me as soon as possible, so that I have time to arrange alternative employment elsewhere. You will of course be charged pro-rata for any hours worked until work was stopped by you.

If you are able to pay on-time every week, or as agreed, then you will automatically be given a monthly credit facility with us, please ask for details.

If we have agreed upon a cheque or bacs payment upon completion of my work, then please don’t delay payment, as I will take immediate action to recover my costs one way or another.

I expect you to monitor my progress & verify my travel times or meal breaks, & I guarantee never to give you cause for concern, therefore I record everything for my protection & your confidence. You are always welcome to question anything that you deem relevant to costings, quotations or financial values.

These terms of payment may be updated or modified at any time without notice & are always available on this website.

I provide a full advice note for all work, complete with full 20% VAT Invoice, and a statement of account, by email or hard copy, whatever you prefer.

I would like to thank you in advance for your understanding & I welcome your input or comments.

In the real world it goes like this: if you pay me on time & treat me with a little respect, then I will provide to you the best possible service that I can, in all respects.


Credit account customers are respectfully reminded that if you fail to pay within the time that we have agreed, then you will simply not receive the first class welding service that you have come to expect from me on a daily basis.

If you require another copy of my terms of payment, then please just ask.

If you require short notice or 24hr emergency welding support & are not already registered with me, then please just ask.

You will always be advised of any change to my regular terms of payment if there are any material changes that I think you should be aware of, however insignificant.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you sincerely for your continued support over the years & wish you every success that I wish myself.

Thank you

Mark Cowen

this info was last modified 1st January 2011

please pay your invoices by return & you will receive the best possible welding service guaranteed.

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