The Best Way To Choose A MIG Welding Machine

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Vital Tips To Choose A MIG Welder
How to choose a mig welder, exactly as it says on the tin!

The most important consideration to choose a mig welding machine, is what you intend to join with it!

If you have an interest in auto/car bodywork repair, then you will need a small home user machine that takes standard solid mig filler wire at 0.6 & 0.8mm dia wire, & utilises short circuit dip transfer as the welding mode.
Don't worry, all is explained in detail later!

Everything from your wire feed unit to your contact tip, in detail.

The amperage output rating that your machine should have will be less than 200amps in nearly all car bodywork situations.

These small machines will plug into your home electricity supply, but note that most good quality one's will need a 16amp 240v input supply.

  • The majority of UK homes have 13amp supply outlet sockets as standard.
  • Please avoid the machines that run on small diameter gasless self shielding mig wire, they are complete crap, as these produce very shitty looking welds & the problems that you encounter will cause you to give up welding for good!
  • Self Shielding wire is for specific fabrication work only & do not confuse this with Flux Cored, as this is for vertical up & specific jobs too!
Mig Welding is easy when you know how!

  • If you are looking to weld thin plate & light section steelwork,such as angle iron & flat bar for making garden gates etc, then you can safely choose a mig welder machine with an amperage output rating
    just under 300amps.
    But again, these machines will need an input supply rating of 16amps at 240v.

    Most popular brand name mig welding machines will come equipped with drive/wire feed unit rollers that enable the use of 0.6 0.8 & 1.0mm solid mig wire, make sure that you are able to purchase these wire feeder drive rollers easily when required.

Please check this detail before you choose a mig welder & make a machine purchase.



  • If you are into the big stuff & weld all manner of steel plate thicknesses & have three phase / 415v supply handy, then invest in a 450amp power supply unit.
This size of mig will allow you to weld in spray mode with 1.2mm wire without killing the machine & gives great flexibility for the Flux Cored stuff.
  • It is not practical to force a 350amp machine to do the same job, as the weld penetration will be shite!
You can buy a 400amp BASIC power supply with remote wire feeder machine so cheap that it puts the manufacturers of all singing & dancing 300amp machines to shame.
  • Please Note that I DO NOT recommend that you buy a Pulse MIG. These are job specific & probably not what you think they are, regardless of the crap that the sales rep at your local welding supplier says.  Do your homework first!  You have been warned!
Save $K's & Buy one of these instead: ------??? just keep reading!

Most welding machines use a two roller wire feeder set up, but the industrial or professional rated good quality machines of 220amp upwards use a 4 roller set up that gives very precise wire feed at higher amperages.

  • They also have the drive roll capacity to run carbon/mild steel, stainless steel & aluminium solid wires as well as flux cored mig wire & gasless fully self shielding mig wire.

    The driven wire feed roller/s have basic wire sized grooves milled in circumference to accomodate different wire diameters, & the mig consumable filler wire is simply pinched against another plain wheel to provide the grip to pull the wire from the main wire spool, & provide the push to feed the wire through to the mig torch assembly & hence the consumable torch contact tip.

    Drive rollers for tubular type filler consumables, such as flux cored or self shielding wires have the same design of a wire diameter matched groove & plain roller set up, but the grooved & plain roller have what look like teeth machined into the faces.
    This allows the tubular flux cored wires to be gripped & driven, without crushing the wire diameter.

More expert info on drive rollers & adjusting them later in this site.

  • & wire feeders
  • & torches
  • & remote stuff & in-cabinet
  • & umbillicals
  • & just everything

lots more new information is being typed up & will be available just as soon as I can manage it!

If you are in the UK & looking for a 'real' MIG Welding machine that is so energy efficient that it will pay for itself within a year, in comparison to your current machine, just read on!
I would expect all welding equipment purchasers from all walks of industry to take my comments seriously here, this is not sales hype from a thick as shite salesman, & I have no connections whatsoever to the manufacturer or supplier of the welding machines that I am going to recommend.

I am sure that anyone in the welding industry has heard of the Italian Cebora and Cea Brand, & you may have noticed these machines in my photo albums.

While I personally rate the Cebora MIG welder as a first class bit of kit for constant production work in a busy welding workshop, there is a better Brand.

The ‘Cea’ brand of MIG welders is probably the best you can get.

I will not bother to bore you with the details as any professional welding machine purchaser will know the values of a machine after doing his own ‘due diligence’.

The Cea brand has the qualities & performance that cannot be matched by a comparative brand from just last year’s models!

Cea is a world class welding machine manufacturer & the prices are astoundingly cheap, & certainly no more expensive than the inferior unreliable brands!

Cea are not so high profile advertised in the UK, as they have the rest of the European world to contend with, & they must be the best kept secret in the UK welding industry!

It took me years to discover this!

If you do your number crunching on these Cea welding machines, especially the MIG’s, & study the energy efficiency, you will soon draw the conclusion that major financial savings are immediately made, purely due to the less amount of electricity that you will have to pay for!

No other manufacturers in the world offer the reliability or efficiency as the Cea.

You may notice that I have not made any other real recommendations on my entire website, but  Cea are definitely the exception, as they are both 100% reliable & the best value for money that you are ever likely to find!

(opens in new browser window)

now for a surprise
I am continually asked to recommend a welding generator set that has a dedicated mig welding set like mine.

Well, I had my mig wire feed unit specially built by 'Sterling', who were a british manufacturer of industrial mig sets, unfortunately no longer trading.

So, if you need a mobile genset with a proper 'matched' mig welding facility that was designed to be powered by your genset, go to the UK’s most knowledgeable welding products supplier who can provide you with full details of a genset that has a mig welding unit supplied with it.

The person you will need to speak to is Mr Gordon Gibson, & his company is called D-Weld (Scotland) Ltd141 882 9984.

He has been in this business for over 20 years & has personally built his company to be accredited with
BS ISO 9001, which is a remarkable achievement for one man!


If you are wise enough to ask him the right technical questions, then you will definitely get the best welding products advice in the UK, if not Europe.

No matter what your welding machinery advice or purchase requirements,
Gordon will give you the best service you can ever hope or expect to receive.


If you mention that ‘Mark the Welder’ from The Metal Doctor Ltd in Kilsyth, recommended you to him, you will also get the best trade discount currently available in Europe.


Remember, this man supplies Scotland’s shipbuilding & welding industry as well as the most successful production welding companies around!


I can personally vouch for his expertise & advice, as I have used Gordon’s first class service since 1996.
& if you really want to ‘push the boat out’ make sure that you visit him personally!

This is the only page on this entire website that I can honestly recommend a better expert to ask for advice.


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