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This page details my Labour Charges for Mobile Welding.
 'by the hour'  or  'fixed price',   the info is here.

If you need to earn a substantial living from your welding skills & you need to learn How To Work Out Welding Rates, then read this How to Charge for Welding Skills page first.
My Hourly Rate:
My breakeven figure, (which pays all the bills & overheads) is added to my company profit requirement, (minimal) which results in my charging a minimum of £27-50 per hour + vat.

On the face of it, this looks to be expensive for a one man band & his van, but when you call for markthewelder & use my Mobile Welding Services, you really get the full monty!
  • My choice of three welding processes, MIG, TIG or STICK. My Mobile Mig is currently the fastest welding process available today, many times faster than the speed of stick welding & I utilise solid cored mig wire & flux cored mig wire.   I will even use fully Self Shielding mig wire if it is howling a gale outside & no other process will get your job done. 
  • My choice of 'hot' cutting process: oxy-fuel or mobile plasma technology.
  • or Stihl saw/portable guillotine for sheet materials & TCT chopsaw for the rest!
  • My  Mobile Hole Drilling & Hole Cutting cutting  capacity is infinite.
  • Magnetic Based drill, Petrol Powered drill or 'hot cut' holes, at your doorstep!
My choice of trailers also ensure that I can deliver full length steel stock materials when required on-site.

My accountant has a rule of thumb that says: "charge three times the houly wage that you want", so it looks like my rate has to go up again!

Fixed Cost for the job.

This entails myself having a good look at the work required, a consultation with yourself as to how you want the work to proceed, & I will at the same time decide upon the most profitable way that I can complete the work to your specifications, or what I decide is the best method & process to use.

Risk Assesments, Method Statements & H&S issues all affect the cost, & will be included & detailed in your Written Quotation.

I receive all kinds of questions asking about Mobile Welding Labour Rates....

For a more detailed insight into how I work out rates & charge a customer & why....
....read this How to Charge for Welding Skills page.
(dont miss this)

Then come back to this page and ask your questions below.

Get Your Questions Answered Here!....
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